Can't hurt me

Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins Audiobook (Book) Review

David Goggins is best known as an American ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete and motivational speaker. He is also a retired United States Navy SEAL. Lot’s can be found where he discusses his experiences in the aforementioned activities but this book gives us a much broader picture as he shares his life’s story.

The first thing you will notice when listening to the ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ audiobook is that it is not only narrated, there’s an open dialogue between the narrater, Adam Skolnick and David Goggins after sections discussing the content read, giving the listener additional context and insight not available in the book version making for a much richer experience.

This book is not for those offended by raw content. In this case the course language helps set the tone and context as apposed to the unnecessary use that has become common place in our society.

David Goggins story is all about overcoming but what made this different from the average overcoming story is that David Goggins did not hide or try to glaze over his short comings. Some of the things he overcame or achieved are nothing short of amazing. As motivating as hearing David Goggins story is, this is not a conventional motivational book.

The real story of ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ to me is about developing mental toughness, it takes away all the excuses we tend to use in our lives. We don’t have to try and do some of the outrageous things David Goggins has done to benefit from the mental toughness lessons you can take away from ‘Can’t Hurt Me’. If we would apply David’s mindset to the things we want to achieve in this world, it would be full of achievers.

I took ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ as a positive kick in the pants to further develop my mental toughness and remind myself not to make excuses. I highly recommend ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ if you find yourself constantly making excuses as to why you aren’t achieving and would like to challenge your own mental toughness.