When was the last time you sat in silence? In today’s world we are bombarded by noise, distractions and stress. Even if you choose to be silent it’s not the easiest finding a place to indulge in your solitude. Something magical happens when you are left alone to contemplate, it doesn’t matter where your thoughts take you but as you allow your mind to wander you will begin to find clarity. Each session you spend in silence won’t be earth shaking but as you do it more often you will learn to relax with your thoughts. You will also find a sense of calm and refreshing after these times. It seems counterintuitive as we live in a world that tells us that we need to cram more and more into every moment of our life.

Many people say they are bored. Instead of being bored, embrace the opportunity to sit in silence and see if it doesn’t change your outlook on life. That silent voice inside of you has been muted for so long by society and life’s circumstances. Let that voice speak to you and you will discover who you really are and you will begin to look forward to those times of silence where you can spend time with yourself and once again fall in love with who you are and find direction. You will also get reacquainted with your creative side.

I often combine these times of silence walking in nature and pausing as appropriate to soak in the refreshing thoughts that are filling my mind. Another practice I include in these times is prayer. When we take the focus off ourselves and allow a higher being to direct us we discover how insignificant we really are and that there is a reassurance we gain when we allow someone greater than ourselves to guide us.

Take some time every day to spend in silence and see if it doesn’t drastically change you as a person. After all, sometimes the most profound things in life are the most simple.