Butterfly Circus Film Review

The Butterfly Circus Film Review

“The Butterfly Circus”  is an amazing short film that inspires the first time or the hundredth time you’ve seen it. This film has something for everyone and some aspect of this story will speak to you and give you a new perspective on life.

I saw this film for the first time about 10 years ago and recently rediscovered it, I was intensely moved by it then as I am now. This story is set in the time of the Great Depression and follows the main character named Will (Nick Vujicic) as he is taken from a place of self loathing and hopelessness to inspiring others through their difficulties. Another layer to this story is that Will has no arms and legs and this truly makes this journey seem incomprehensible.

The supporting cast are characters in a traveling circus who also have stories of their own about overcoming. This story is told through beautiful imagery, tensions and thought provoking themes.

“The Butterfly Circus” takes you on a journey that leads you to a place where you will realize that we are all special and that we should never give up. I believe this film is a must watch.