Prayer Walking

“… pray without ceasing,…” 1 Thessalonians 5:17 (ESV‬‬)

I heard someone mention the concept of “Prayer Walking” and this got the wheels in my head spinning. I agree the idea of praying while you are walking isn’t that revolutionary for those of us who pray, we have all probably said a quick prayer while walking at some point but instead this got me thinking of the possibilities it opens.

In Thessalonians in the Bible it says “pray without ceasing” and I always found this to be a difficult concept to practically live out on a daily basis but what if we took the idea of “Prayer Walking” and started praying when we walked. The first problem it solves is the excuse most of us have that kind of goes like this “I just don’t have the time to pray” or “when I pray I’m so easily distracted or I fall asleep when praying in bed”.

Generally multi-tasking isn’t really that efficient but in the case of walking that is something we don’t need to think about doing as it has become second nature so if we walk and pray it can actually help us focus on our prayers. Walking and praying also takes away the excuse of not having time as we all walk somewhere and the second excuse is also solved as it is really hard to fall asleep while walking!

So now if we go back to the Bible verse, this opens the door to actually be able to live out the words “pray with out ceasing” if we were to remember to pray whenever we walk. It can be a short burst when we walk to another room in our home, a focused prayer as we walk to the store or the bus stop or an intensive prayer if we go for a longer walk for exercise or on a hike.

Of course we don’t always have to pray when we walk but I think this opens up an opportunity that many of us can take advantage of. Where will your prayers take you on your next walk?