The difference between resolutions and goals

As we are approaching New Year’s Eve there will be countless people making resolutions which for the most part will not come to fruition. This begs the question of why is this so? When it comes to goals the fail rate is also high. Successful people all say that goal setting is a very important component to achieving. So what are most of us missing? For something to motivate us to change, it has to be more than just a wish. As children most of us made a wish when we blew out our birthday candles at some point and I’m willing to bet many of those wishes didn’t come true. Why is this? I believe this is so because there is no active contribution on our part when we wish for things.

Going back to resolutions we tend to put some effort into them but for the most part they are nothing more than wishful thinking. So why do successful people swear by goals when so many fail at those as well? Again, I believe it is how we approach these goals we make, many treat them as just a wish. For a goal to work it takes action on our part. The first action is to actually write it down with a completion date and it has to stir an emotion inside you. Without an emotion to drive you, you will not want to stick to it. Here’s the biggest factor… it will take work! Work and persistence are the real ingredients. Sadly too many people say they want something but when the going gets tough and they quit. So instead of resolutions, I encourage everyone to set goals, ones that are written down and that stir something inside of you but most of all focus on the the work and believe you can do it when roadblocks are set before you. Make this year amazing and work towards your goals!