Wisdom Warrior

Years ago I started a side project named Wisdom Warriors, it expanded my thinking and helped push me down the road to personal development and therefore I am grateful for it. I was intrigued that in medieval times knights used to live their lives according to creeds. Many of the principles and virtues in these creeds are wise words we could benefit from in our world today. In the tradition of these knights that we have come to admire and respect, I developed this creed and still to this day use it as an inspiration.

Accept the challenge and live out the Wisdom Warriors creed every day!

I seek out wisdom and truth
I strive for excellence in all I do
I have faith in my abilities and God
I treat others with respect, kindness and love
I spread happiness and joy
I uphold the truth and fight for justice and honour
I am humble and do not boast, knowing I am a servant to all
I conduct myself in a decisive, responsible and just manner
I am generous with my resources
I defend the innocent, helpless and poor
I am disciplined
I am physically and mentally tough
I persevere in the face of adversity
I never quit
I am courageous
I am a Wisdom Warrior