individual thought

Where did individual thought go?

I’ve been seeing a disturbing trend in society and that is the ability for people to think for themselves. If we give up our thoughts haven’t we given up who we are? Growing up or any time for that matter aren’t we drawn to people different from us?

I don’t only mean the “quirky” or the so called “strange”, just plain old different. We see it all the time in relationships, after all the expression is “opposites attract”. The biggest thing that makes people different is their thoughts. So why do we fear people who think different from us? Isn’t that how we expand our mind? I’m not saying that we should accept what anyone says as truth but isn’t that what our mind is for? It’s our thoughts that break down ideas from facts and puts together a plan for us to navigate this world. But if we give up our opinions (thoughts) something serious is lost.

People have always been divided by things like, religion, politics and even science. Time often brings the truth to the front but what if we don’t have time and we are only left with our thoughts and our ability to reason? So I say bring on the quirky, the strange and even those that diabolically think different from ourselves. This is what makes us free because we have the ability to think. So let’s not give up what makes us individuals and a free society and once again embrace individual thought. What do you think?