Setbacks and Humility

I have found that one of the great advantages of setbacks are that they keep me humble. When things are going well, arrogance has a way of creeping in. When a setback comes the crash back down to the earth tends to knock some sense into me. I believe it’s very easy to fall into the trap that one can do everything on their own.

There is a strength that can be found when being able to lean on friends or a higher power. Letting go can be a difficult exercise but freeing at the same time. I have found comfort by reaching out to God and in my reflective silence finding guidance and a way of strength that I couldn’t have found if I just relied solely upon myself.

So why not the next time you find yourself in a difficult situation instead of going into whatever self destructive behaviour patterns you have developed, try something new and look at it as an opportunity and reach out and see what it is like not relying only on yourself. The humbling experience can open you up to strength you didn’t know was possible. Best of all your default patterns will have changed and you move forward a better person.