Why Explore?

  • When we explore the adventure begins
  • When we explore we take the first steps of creativity
  • When we explore through questions we find answers
  • When we explore we find hidden secrets and treasures
  • When we explore we feel alive
  • When we explore we discover
  • When we explore, wisdom is revealed
  • When we explore, God reveals Himself (seek and ye shall find)
  • When we explore, we learn
  • When we explore, we are inspired
  • When we explore the world becomes silent
  • When we explore our focus narrows
  • When we explore our curiosity takes action
  • When we explore the seeds of change are planted
  • When we explore relationships, they are strengthened
  • When we explore, we express our freedom
  • When we explore, we become more of who we were meant to be

I believe exploration is the key that opens the doors to our lives. I enjoy the gratification that exploration in solitude offers but I also believe there is a synergy that occurs when we bring others along on the journey of discovery.